The frankfurt magazine, 2020


Este número de The frankfurt magazine presenta algunos de los problemas desafiantes que enfrentamos hoy, y que como tales, por supuesto, también se reflejan en las agendas de las editoriales. 

aquí puedes descargarte el pdf de la revista

Índice del número

Editorial | Juergen Boos in Conversation with Regina Kammerer | The Future Starts Here Anthropocene: the Age of Human Influence on Nature and the Climate | Happy Birthday Beethoven! The Anniversary of a Great European | DAM Architectural Book Award 26 Crossing Borders On Work Between Languages and Cultures | Fifty Books That Travel Selected Translations | The Five Most Beautiful Books of 2019 Canada – Guest of Honour 2020 New Chair of the German Publishers & Booksellers Association | Book Heroes 2019 Six International Locations in German Novels Imprint | The Knowledge Boom Reading Tips for Parents and Kids | Authors, Books, Awards Books People Are Talking about | Germany Times 17 What I Always Wanted to Say about Germany

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